Benefits from consolidating databases

You either need a couple of instances on the same machine or a couple of VMs, each supporting a different version of SQL Server.

Related: Wait Before You Consolidate The second factor to consider is the permission requirements of the applications running on the SQL Server instances.

Hello, my name is Tim Radney, and welcome to my course SQL Server: Consolidation Tactics and Best Practices.

I'm a Principal consultant with SQLskills, as well as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and I've been involved with SQL Server consolidation projects since 2008.

According to human resources website Check Point HR, when payroll and HR have more simplified data entry tasks, "companies have reported a drop of forty hours per week in administration duties," since integration leads to more streamlined duties.

The time savings allows more employees to focus on other tasks while they are on the clock.

The first factor is SQL Server version requirements.

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However, even though consolidation can reduce costs, if not properly designed, it can lead to security holes, performance degradation and even service disruption. Database consolidation is the process of centralizing multiple databases and instances in order to share resources and thus, among other, cut licensing and hardware costs.

If you consolidate your databases and allow employees to log on to check their statuses, this could reduce your human resources and payroll division administration efforts up to 80 percent, according to Check Point HR.

Having more employees handle data input and other database management can increase the number of errors introduced into your administrative information.

This course will show how to effectively plan and implement a consolidation strategy, including methods of consolidating, and ways to migrate databases and instances.

This course is applicable to all versions of SQL Server.

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