Black guys dating fat white women

There are 3 types of men in the world now: Breast men, A*s men and Black men.Breast men are always looking for a succulent pair of tittays to sink their teeth into.If you were to meet a girl that you didn’t find very attractive at first, but somehow you found yourself fu*cking her, would you continue to keep banging her?

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” didn’t become frequently asked questions until I began attending school at Towson University (TU) as a freshman.

A*s men are always looking for that perfect bubble enhanced by the curvature of a woman’s lower back and how it connects to her gluteal fold (Google anyone? But, Black men differ from the other two types of men because its not just about T Or A individually: We want it ALL.

While white and asian culture exalts their skinny to slim girls and keeps the voluptuous ones on the outskirts of attractiveness, Blacks are the complete opposite.

This isn’t a black thing exclusively by the way, if you pay attention, you’ll notice guys of all ethnicities doing the same thing to.

However, we as black guys have some kind of stereo type associated with us and fat white girls.

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