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She explained that gays and lesbians hanging out together used to designate a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” of the opposite sex so that they could pair off if the police came.“The police would ask us certain questions to be sure if we knew or were intimate with each other,” she said.Chat with Romanian girls for free Offline real world places to meet Romanian girls I tried to find a Romanian web server but really did not find one that is used as much as this for social networking, you know of course there is Linkedin and Twitter but you know how those sites are, a free for all.I personally would not use a dating service, but I would not rule it out.This stopped after the full repeal of Article 200 in 2001 “because the police couldn’t just ask us for identification if we were together in a group of girls.” Nastasa is the administrative director for ACCEPT, the first NGO to defend and promote the rights of LGBTQ Romanians.At the group’s offices in Bucharest, I met with Nastasa, along with Daniela Prisacariu, the programs officer, and Teodora Ion-Rotaru, the programs assistant, to discuss the legal status of LGBTQ people in Romania, as well as their everyday lived experience.

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One of a number of socially conservative reforms introduced by Nicolae Ceaușescu in the late 1960s, Article 200 made “sexual relations between persons of the same sex” punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment.

In 1996, the section was revised to prohibit only acts “committed in public or producing a public scandal.” “You couldn’t hold hands on the street,” Nastasa said.

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