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"Action research" is a method in which researchers engage in an active partnership with practitioner agencies to solve a problem.

As former NIJ program manager Lois Mock and her co-authors explain in a 2010 article, the researchers play a key role in identifying the problem and analyzing the data and in working with the practitioner agency to develop intervention strategies to target the problem.[1] The practitioner agency implements the strategies, and the researchers monitor progress and provide feedback to better refine the strategies.

around 11 p.m., where the woman said the man produced a weapon and sexually assaulted her.

As the man was fleeing the scene, he dropped his personal property which was later retrieved by police. Much like the other attack, the victim told police once inside the dwelling, the man produced a weapon and sexually assaulted her before fleeing from the location and taking her personal items.

Our team approaches sexual misconduct cases with this reality in mind - it is NEVER enough to simply try and undermine the prosecutor's case.

Allegations of sexual abuse are often treated differently.

Because claims of sexual abuse, especially against a child, are so stigmatized and condemnable, oftentimes defendants find themselves perceived as guilty until proven innocent. Tonya Craft: A Successful Defense Using A Masterful Integration Of Science and Law In 2008, Tonya Craft, a pretty 37-year-old single mother working as a kindergarten teacher in Georgia, was arrested and indicted for a 22-count indictment.

Criminal defendants accused of sex crimes - especially child sexual abuse - are at incredible risk of being falsely convicted.

The State does not need "hard" evidence - no forensic evidence, no medical evidence, no DNA is needed to secure a conviction.

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