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This, coupled with the fact that she was dating Josh, meant that he had to fire her and didn’t owe her the bonuses.

When Heather worked for me, we had a contract, of course, and in the contract she was privy to earning bonuses, at my discretion, for closings.

Madison Hildebrand is a very successful real estate broker with a net worth of about million, specializing in the area of Malibu, California.

When Hildebrand left the show, he said it was to pursue other ventures and avenues in his career.

He’s the Malibu Ken of beach front property, and I cannot wait for his homecoming and the new season in general. MDLLA‘s ninth seasaon is set to premiere on Thursday, October 6 from 9 – PM with a supersized episode. According to a press release from the network, the intense West Coast realtors are ready to bring the buyers…and the insanity. Add in family drama that threatens the bonds of James and David’s friendship and working relationship and all I can say is, set your DVRs, people!

Let’s be honest, Madison is beyond fabulous, and Josh Flagg is adorably neurotic. RELATED: Josh and Heather Altman Honeymoon in Saint-Tropez We’ll watch as Altman preps for his wedding to Heather, while Flagg faces the newly single life by falling head over heels with a new guy.

Madison incorporated The Malibu Life, Inc., enlisting a team of 10 specialists who work together to make record transactions, exerting passion, professionalism, integrity, and uncanny industry knowledge.

Josh accused Madison of ripping off his fiancée, Heather Bilyeu, when she worked for him.

Yet according to Madison, he didn’t rip Heather off.

“Part of his thoughts, when our relationship was dissolved, was that Josh and I were trying to snake his clients and do something shady,” Heather Bilyeu explains in defense of her actions, adding, “And nothing like that ever happened.

And so, you know, it’s just frustrating that he thought that so badly of me at the time and hopefully now he’s seen that it’s just paranoia at the time and it is what it is.

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