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It's time to go to school.""Didn't you hear what I just said? Haruno replied before she started walking to the door. " Sakura asked, annoyed that her sleep was being disturbed."Fine, just wake up in an hour. School doesn't start for another 2 hours and a half! She calmly walked over to Sakura's bed and lightly shook her."Sweetie, wake up. It starts in two hours and thirty minutes.""Oh, well you could've just said so," Mrs.Do not forget to also watch your standard of living HP that lets you work, you.Visiting the gym to train the academy to learn the store to shop at the florist to work and earn money.It was a bright and sunny day in the peaceful town of Konoha. As the sun rose it shone brightly through the windows of the Haruno mansion. The porcelain skin she had was a nice tone so every time she'd blush, which she did often, it would look natural on her cheeks. As she reached it she turned around and said, "Sakura, you may be 17 years old, but you're not the boss in this house. Your otousan and I have to leave for work, so have a nice day at school honey." Her mother said, and then she turned around and left the room.Meet new student Haruno Sakura, a former playgirl who quickly regains her title. She smirked remembering the times in her old school.

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Play Haruno Sakura, a young woman of 18 years and try to charm one of the three heroes of the animated series: Naruto, Sasuke and Rock Lee.

Designed with Apple’s i Pad Pro and Pencil in mind, Comic Draw provides a comprehensive suite of comic drawing tools, fast and easy script editing and lettering, and an integrated comic publishing platform in the form of the companion app, Comic Connect.

Increase your charming dredging customers in the flower shop to try to impress the three boys.

In both games, players are able to create ninja characters ("Ninjutsu" and "Stalker" power sets), and customize much of their appearance, and some of their skills.

Ninja minions can also be summoned by a ninja master villain player character.

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