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Court documents state when Karen initially went missing her family asked police to go to the boyfriend's house.As the boyfriend's father drove his son around searching for the girl, investigators said the boyfriend told his father to take him home because she wasn't alive.'I didn't realize this could happen': Cassidy Wolf, 19, speaks with Anderson Cooper about her 'sextortion' ordeal on Monday night, after her computer was hacked and a boy from her school secretly watched her via webcam for one year Wolf was sent an email containing a series of photos of herself changing, with Abrahams demanding better-quality photos, video and a five-minute sex show on Skype or he would make the images public, threatening to ruin her beauty pageant chances.She found herself, 'relieved, glad that they were able to find who the person is, but on the other hand it was someone I went to high school with.

Until they return to their indoor area, you can watch pre-recorded video footage of our giant panda cubs here.Ok, so Im trying to clearly demonstrate the different ways for playing a video, and Im getting stuck. Playing, on my computer, a live video across the internet (like a webcam) - is this also streaming? Are there any clear distinct terms that help make all of this less confusing?There doesn't seem to be any clearly defined terms beyond "streaming" and "live streaming", and the definition of these terms seems to vary from person to person, site to site. There is no difference between streaming and live streaming.Prosecutors revealed the 15-year-old suspect, whose identity has not been made public, was her boyfriend.They also said his father tipped police off to the crime.

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