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The disclosure advantageously improves reliability of detection and elimination of deadlocks.

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Futurologiya XXI vek: bessmertie ili global’naya katastrofa?

Press g to make the whale see-through like glass (this is REALLY cool)Press r to put the layers in a random order Press b to see from behind (now reversible, thanks @aaronzoll for the code)Press w to switch to a water background *NEW*..green flag to reset ; P ~if you luv it, click luv it~ bonus feature that's actually a bug: at the bottom of the screen the whale does a little sniffing animation like a dog.

Or, as I like to call it, Scratch and Sniff x D FEATURED 11/12/14 : D I realize my choice in project name might upset some people. I'm also aware that a project like this was featured recently. We both copied the same website, not each-other : P Stuff people want: • whale sounds • music • zoom Based on I've since learned may be stolen from a website called Shark Break.

It is typically achieved by faking an email purporting to originate from a trusted source. Ru web frontend for sending emails — likely because the attackers lack understanding of SMTP protocol, and use turnkey solutions.

In order to avoid being detected as spam, the following properties are desirable for the email: Of course, there are user-friendly tools for testing the above. There is also a phishing email in spam folder, using a different approach.

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